Last updated: September 04, 2019

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The acquisition and safekeeping of PALOXIA TOKEN involves various risks, in particular the risk that Paloxia Token may not be in a position to commence its business activities, develop its exchanger and provide the services mentioned in the white paper. Therefore, before purchasing PALOXIA TOKEN, every user should carefully weight up the risks, costs and advantages of. Any interested person who is unable to understand the risks with the purchase (including the risks with the non-development of the Paloxia Token) or risks as stated in the General Terms and Conditions of the PALOXIA TOKEN should not buy Paloxia TOKEN. ➢ Important legal notice This white paper does not constitute a basis for an investment decision. The white paper or other material made available by Paloxia Token/Coin is not to be understood as an investment but as a software application. This white paper cannot and must not be considered to be a solicitation to conclude an investment. It does not in any way constitute an offer of securities in any jurisdiction and should not be considered as an offer of securities. This white paper does not contain any information or advice that could be considered as a recommendation or as a basis for an investment decision. Paloxia Token/ Coin is not to be regarded as a consultant in legal, tax or financial matters. Make Your Idea Matters. The Paloxia Token/Coin does not assume any liability for the correctness and completeness of this information. Paloxia Token/Coins not a financial intermediary under German law and is not obliged to obtain a license to combat money laundering. The buy from Paloxia Token/Coin does not confer any rights or influence on the organization and administration of Paloxia Token/Coin. Supervisory authorities carefully examine global business and operations associated with cryptocurrencies. Every person who acquires Paloxia Token/Coin must be aware of the business model of Paloxia Token/Coin and its risks. The white paper or the Terms and Conditions may change or may need to change, due to new regulatory and compliance requirements from all applicable laws in all jurisdictions. In such a case, the buyers and all who decide to purchase PALOXIA Token/Coin acknowledge the changes and understand that neither PALOXIA Token/Coin nor any of its subsidiaries can be held liable for direct or indirect losses or damages caused by such changes. The buyer of PALOXIA Token/Coin is obliged to fully comprehend Cryptocurrencies, blockchain systems and services and the risks associated with crowd sales and the mechanisms understand, associated with the use of cryptocurrencies and (including storage). Paloxia Token/Coin is not responsible for the loss of Paloxia Token/Coin or situations that make access to Paloxia Token/Coin impossible, which may result from actions or of the user, or in the case of hacker attacks.

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